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Now you can buy a Google Chromecast Audio for £15 in the UK Now

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Now the Google Chromecast is one of the most useful and innovative gadgets of the last few years. And if you’re looking to pick one up for the cheapest possible price, you have come to the right place.
Chromecast Audio is a small device that plugs into your speakers for streaming music over Wi-Fi.

Once set up, simply use your iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet, Mac or Windows laptop or Chromebook to cast your favourite music, radio stations and podcasts to any speakers in the house.
Tap the Cast button from your music apps to instantly play on the speakers. Play, pause and turn up the volume right from your phone, anywhere in the house. http://barbaragoodfriend.com/ing/robot/54/20562/

Millions of songs, radio stations and podcasts from apps like Spotify, Google Play Music and other favourites. Discover more at chromecast.com/audio. Hear anything playing on your Android phone or tablet on your speakers. Cast any music streaming website from your laptop through Chrome.

Enjoy your favourite artists the way they were meant to be heard. Chromecast streams straight from the cloud so you get continuous high-quality sound – even when you leave the room.

Casting won’t drain your battery or get in the way of other activities. Answer a call, surf the web, even leave the room – all without interrupting your music.

If you’re unsure what Chromecast Audio is, it’s a wifi-connected HDMI dongle that you plug directly into your TV. From there you can use your smartphone to ‘throw’ video at your TV over wifi, whether it be Netflix movies, live football and matches from the major broadcasters or simply just a funny YouTube video sent to you by ‘that’ friend who always sends you ‘funny’ YouTube videos.

Currys PC World currently has the Chromecast Audio available for just £14, saving £16 on the original listing price. The promotion is for today only, so you’ll need to hurry before it ends this evening.

Those of you who may be unfamiliar with the Chromecast Audio, it allows you to stream audio from your Android device to nearly any 3.5mm-capable speaker (RCA and optical devices are supported as well via an additional cable).

The unit features a 3.5mm cable that connects to a speaker, letting you stream audio from your Android, iOS, Windows, OSX or Chromebook device via the Chromecast app. Hit the store link below for more details and to place an order.

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