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How to permanently delete your Facebook account

If you have decided that you are done with Facebook, you are not alone in recent years, an increasing number of users have opted to drop their accounts. However, the process of completely and permanently deleting your account is anything but intuitive. To start learning how to save all of the data you need and delete your account for good.

Before starting with the handbook, we would like to enlighten our readers that after deletion, Facebook keeps your profile on its servers for 14 days. These 14 days can also be counted as days of grace as users can sign-in within this period to recover their account. After 14 days, the account gets permanently deleted, and there is no way to get it back.

Step 1: Navigate to Facebook settings: Click the dark-blue down arrow in the upper-right corner when viewing any Facebook page and select the Settings option from the resulting drop-down menu.


Step 2: Allow Facebook to gather your data: Select the General tab from the left-hand navigation column and click the blue Download a copy link located at the bottom of the General Account Settings pane. Afterward, click the green Start My Archive button in the middle of the resulting page, re-enter your Facebook password in the pop-up window and click the blueSubmit button in the bottom right corner. Click the blue Start My Archive button again when prompted, noting Facebook will send you an email when the gathered information is ready for download.


It is cool that Facebook lets you download a private copy of all the posts, photos, videos, messages, and other data you’ve recorded on the website. Make sure you take the back up before you proceed to delete Facebook profile.

Step 3: Finding “Delete My Account” page and Deleting Your Account: You can head to “Delete My Account” page, but it is hard to find. So here is a direct link to speed up the process. You can also copy/paste this URL in your web browser. The link takes you to the final page, and you will also find a “Delete My Account” button in Blue.

delete my account

Step 4: Delete your Facebook account: Click the blue Delete My Account button in the bottom-right corner of the warning window, enter your Facebook password and fill out the CAPTCHA test with the appropriate text prior to clicking the blue Okay button in the bottom-right corner. Afterward, click the blue Okay button in the resulting pop-up window, acknowledging your account will be permanently deleted with 14 days.


Now, for 14 days, you have to steer clear of Facebook. Do not, we repeat, DO NOT, sign-in to your profile at any cost. If you sign-in within 14 days then your profile re-activates. In case, you do sign-in and realize that you still want to delete the profile then you can repeat the deletion process as told in this post. Just make sure that you pass the 14 days removal timeline. If you successfully pass the 14 days period of grace, then your profile will get permanently wiped off from the Facebook servers, and you won’t see it again.

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