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How to See Who Visited My Facebook Profile (Flatbook)

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Hey! Yo Whats up? EVERYBODY in this tutorial i am gonna show you source How to See Who Visited My Facebook Profile in just a minute. This high demanding feature has always been against the facebook policies and will always be. Facebook users are highly curious to know who has visited their profile, and that’s why facebook scams are enjoying the benefits.

Everyone is curious to know who visited their Facebook profile. Be it a girl or a boy, they tend to have an etching desire to find out who visited their Facebook profile as they are filled with these common questions- “Whether my crush checks my profile?” , “Who views my pics?”, “Which girl/Boy always views my profile?” Want to know visitors of your Facebook profile? You can do it easily with “Facebook Flat” Chrome extension.

Flatbook doesn’t do things like make sure you actually see posts from your friends that Facebook decides you shouldn’t, but it does clean up the interface a lot. It strips out the silly ads and suggested people and groups from the right sidebar, and gives you a simple, flat, organized reading experience with quick links on the side to things like feeds and pages, Facebook Live videos around the world, and even a “profile visitors” section (that’s less “people who have looked at your profile” and more “people you’ve interacted with a lot recently.”)

The extension also places easily identifiable colorful icons on the left so users can navigate through photos, friends lists and more with less trouble. And, according to the extension’s creator, simplifying Facebook makes it work faster.

New Facebook Design, Removes Ads (Similar to AdBlock), FB Works Faster, Cleaner UX/UI.
Some features of the extension:
— Beautiful new design and interface;
— Removing most of Facebook ads (similar to Adblock);
— Facebook works much faster than before;
— Very useful left panel that allow quick access to main sections; 
— Increased readability of the content;
— Read a different news feeds;
— Viral news suggestions inside your feed;

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