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Kickstarter is open sourcing the code for its Android and iOS apps

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Kickstarter is pulling back the curtain on its app development process. This morning, the crowdfunding platform is taking to its engineering blog to announce that it will be open sourcing the code for its native Android and iOS apps, in keeping with the company’s goal of giving startups a bit of a leg up.

According to the company, inspiration for the idea arrived around the same time it became a Public Benefit Corporation, in September of last year, playing into that larger idea of giving something back to the larger development community.

The code will be made available starting today through the company’s Github repo, giving interested parties access to the process behind the work that goes into engineering and designing of the apps.

The company has a well-established application on both Android and iOS and even as a novice programmer, I have to admit that they are pretty impressive. That a huge amount of work has gone into making and perfecting the app is pretty apparent, and the company is now offering everyone a shortcut.

We focus on writing well-tested code built with parts that can be easily understood on their own, and to do that we’ve adopted many functional programming techniques. There have been a ton of benefits to this, some of which we couldn’t have predicted at the start. We are excited to share these findings with the developer community.

The company hopes that this move will help developers around the world gain new insights and develop their own ideas and platforms.

Well, the initiative is certainly very noble and the human race might make a lot more progress if only more companies followed Kickstarter’s example. Although, Open sourcing has actually been attracting a lot more corporate attention than it did say, a couple of years ago.


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