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Make Intro Video For YouTube In just 2 taps On Android Device

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his is the easiest and best way to make intro video for your YouTube Channel. If wanna become a successful YouTuber you must have Branding in your channel because Branding can establish your channel’s identity and attract viewers. Most viewers will be introduced to your channel through a single video that they find in YouTube Search or Suggested videos, or embedded on a site.

The overall definition of branding is as follows: The marketing practice of creating a name, symbol or design that identifies and differentiates a product from other products. That’s a good start, but like we said, with 21 different subsections within branding, that doesn’t explain the types of branding that should matter most in the YouTube space: personal branding and corporate branding.

Personal branding revolves around you it’s who you are, your voice, your public persona. You, as a YouTuber are (or are on the path of becoming) a brand. But as you’ve become a brand, you’ve doubtlessly figured out that you are competing against thousands of other personal brands for attention. Not just from the public, but also corporate brands  those things that will make you rich.

Corporate brands are like your personal brand, only it is for companies instead of people. Nike would be an example of a corporate brand. Nike wants the best athletes to attach their corporate brand to their personal brand because it makes them money from the resulting exposure. And since they want that exposure by your personal brand, they will pay a lot to you to get it exclusively.

Make Intro

The trick to recognizing the importance of something like corporate and personal branding in a niche economy setting like YouTube, is to first examine a finite bigger world example. We’re asking the question of “Why are these types of branding important to YouTube and YouTubers,” but let us first figure out why personal and corporate branding are important in general.

Make Intro Video In just 2 taps, put your words in motion. Inspire people. Turn text into stunning video, impress your YouTube viewers!

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