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Prisma will support videos editing feature coming soon

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Prisma, the photo editing app that went viral was officially launched for Android at the beginning of this week. Now, the app has confirmed that it will soon add support for videos as well.

Prisma uses a unique combination of neural networks and deep artificial intelligence and  helps you turn memorable moments into timeless art. The iOS version Prisma has already been installed over 12.5M times since its release on 11th June and it has 1.55M daily active users that are processing a total of over 500M images. In case of the Android version on its first day of release, Prisma had already amassed 1.7M downloads with 50 million images processed via the app.

The founder of the company Alexey Moiseenkov has posted a few videos on his Facebook profile to give users the sneak peek on how they will look once transformed by Prisma. Prisma is working on a tool that will be able to apply similar effects to short video clips. While the technology is ready the company needs to build the computing platform for that,” Mosieenkov told Bloomberg.

The company will be coming up with more features such as the inclusion of VR and 360-degree photos in the app, as reported by Forbes.

Prisma uses artificial intelligence to turn the photos into artworks. Once you click the photo it is temporarily uploaded to the server and processed there for the filter the user has selected. The app currently offers 30 free effects based on famous paintings of great artists such as Edvard Munch and Pablo Picasso.

That’s it, and you may have noticed a huge missing feature – video support. At the moment Prisma only does photos, but that is about to change. According to Prisma co-founder Alexei Moiseenkov, “in the next several weeks” a new tool inside the app will bring the same artistic styles to your short video clips. The tech is apparently ready, but the startup must work on updating its computing infrastructure to handle the added load – and that’s a great thing, because even with just images the app is sometimes unbearably slow to create its artworks.

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