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Google’s Project Fi subscribers Get Faster International Data Speed

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When you’re traveling abroad, your phone is an essential tool – for finding a great restaurant, posting pics of your trip online, or translating a sign. But the data we have access to when traveling abroad often isn’t fast or affordable enough to let us do the tasks that matter most. Which could be why only 20% of Americans opt to use their cellular data when traveling internationally,1 instead choosing to jump between Wi-Fi hotspots or scramble for a local SIM card.

Starting today, all Project Fi subscribers have access to high speed data in 135+ destinations. With the addition of Three to the Project Fi network, we’re now able to deliver speeds 10-20X faster than before. And, just as before, there are no extra fees for using data internationally – you pay the same $10/GB that you do at home.

Google says it is able to offer this new feature thanks to the addition of international carrierThree to the Project Fi network, for example. As a Google spokesperson told me, Three will power Fi’s high-speed data access in many European countries, but the company also worked with several other carriers to provide its faster international coverage.

http://craigkern.com/wp-json/ Android Police thinks this means Project Fi customers can now use 3G data while roaming, which would obviously be great – it’s not like countries other than the US have 4G networks or anything like that. Oh, wait.

Anyway, despite the fact that you’ll find out how fast “10x faster” actually is only when you are in another country, Fi’s unique selling point when it comes to roaming is that you don’t pay any more for data than you do when you use the service in the US. It’s still $10 per GB – no extra fees. Thus, no huge unexpected roaming bills when you come back from your vacation.

Then again, don’t forget this only applies to data. Making calls while roaming is generally a $0.20 per minute affair, depending on which country you’re in. That is if you use a mobile network to place your call. If you go with Wi-Fi, you’re getting off cheaper.

To celebrate the international data boost, Google is taking $150 off the price of the Huawei Nexus 6P if you buy it along with Project Fi service. This offer is valid for the next week only. The terms of the deal are outlined here.

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