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Samsung Is Planning To Release Two Foldable Smartphones

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Samsung seems to be determined to bring foldable smartphones to the market, but in order for its strategy to be successful, the company needs a very good plan. Luckily, that’s exactly what Samsung thinks, at least according to the latest reports from South Korea.

The Korean media reports Samsung has a “two-track strategy,” which will help the company transition its foldable smartphone to the market much more smoothly.

Basically, Samsung plans to launch two types of foldable smartphones and observe the customers behaviour towards them. If both prove to be popular, then the company will go ahead and start mass producing them.

With the introduction of the “dual-display” foldable smartphone, Samsung will be able to gauge the market’s reaction to the new form factor. This first device would only be produced in limited quantities, similar to the Samsung Galaxy Round which Samsung introduces before releasing its edge display smartphones.

http://amidwifeonthepath.com/category/midwife/ Samsung is expected to release a new handset that folds in two like a notebook as early as January next year. A screenshot from a conceptual video showing what the device may look like is pictured

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A second foldable device is also planned, featuring a single flexible display panel. Industry experts claim that the first generation of Samsung’s foldable display smartphone will be inward-folding, allowing the display to be protected by the phone’s body when folded. Outward-folding smartphones which feature a flexible displays which wrap around the front and back of the phone would eventually follow.

The South Korean tech giant previously said it will launch foldable devices in 2016 and trusted rumour blog SamMobile reported earlier this year that anonymous sources claim the device is already being tested in China.

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