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Siri will make Calls through WhatsApp

Siri will make Calls through WhatsApp along with Reading & Sending Messages

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Whatsapp has introduced several new features in the last few months. Though the company has been on top of any another instant messaging app, its competitors are also growing. While WeChat is on top of Whatsapp in China; India’s Hike has recently secured $175 million in funding led by Tencent and Foxconn. Now, China and India are the top two most populous countries with internet users. After Facebook’s purchase of Whatsapp, the company introduced end-to-end encryption and also announced to stop supporting less popular OS.

Siri, Apple’s voice-controlled digital assistant, has seen a lot of progress in recent times.

This impressive digital assistant can handle all sorts of tasks such as Making phone calls, reading and sending messages. However, its services were available to only a few third party apps and Whatsapp wasn’t among those few, until now.

Talking about the iOS version of Whatsapp, the company is integrating Siri voice commands into its app. The usage of Siri is only restricted to the Apple’s natives apps; but with iOS 10, Siri can be integrated into any third party apps. Once this feature is enabled, the iOS users can make calls or send messages directly using Siri. Apart from Whatsapp; Uber and Netflix are also said to integrate Siri into their iOS apps. As of now, there is no information about this same feature for Android users. The iPhone users can also set reminders to call any contact using Siri.

Siri will make Calls through WhatsApp

It’s worth mentioning that Siri can only be used with Apple’s own apps (and a select number of third-party services) at the moment, but that’ll change with the release of iOS 10, which will allow the integration of the virtual assistant with third-party apps. So while there’s no official confirmation on WhatsApp getting Siri support yet, we can’t just dismiss it as hot air.


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