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Super Mario Run Breaks Record

Super Mario Run Breaks Record for Most-launch-day downloads

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There are some differences when comparing Super Mario Run’s launch to Pokemon Go’s launch. Pokemon Go rolled out in a phased manner with only a few countries getting the game when it launched back in July. In fact, it took 5 months for the game to finally make its way to India (officially) when it was launched just a day ahead of Super Mario Run on December 14. Super Mario Run, on the other hand, went live worldwide at once, which would understandably boost its day one download rate.

The hype for Super Mario Run was always going to be big. Right from when Shigeru Miyamoto, the chief game designer and creator, announced the game for the iPhone during Apple’s September event, Nintendo fans around the world lauded the company’s decision to move with the times and finally bring the game to the smartphone.

That number bested another Nintendo Title, Pokemon Go, which now holds the #2 spot for the most downloaded app on the first day of launch. With a number of 900,000 downloads (according to the same App analytics firm), Pokemon Go did not gather as many downloads as Super Mario Run, however that’s due to Pokemon Go’s initial launch for only a select number of regions whereas Super Mario Run launched in 150 countries on the first day.

Super Mario Run was first announced at Apple’s iPhone keynote as Nintendo’s first Mario game for mobile platforms. The game is free to download and the first three levels are free to play. To unlock the rest of the levels, a one-time purchase of $9.99 unlocks them all with no ads (even the free stages have no ads).

Given Nintendo’s track record for quality games, $10 doesn’t seem like a lot. The company shouldn’t have much trouble convincing players to buy the full game. After all, Nintendo is a house-hold brand, and its name is no stranger to the masses.

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