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Nintendo announces new Super Mario Run game for iOS, Android version

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In a surprising move, it seems that Japanese gaming giant Nintendo has finally turned back on its word that Nintendo IPs (intellectual properties, like game characters Mario, Zelda, etc.) will never appear on non-Nintendo platforms. Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto made a surprise appearance at Apple’s big event today – the launch of the iPhone 7 – to announce that a new game called can u buy viagra at rite aid Super Mario Run will soon be available on iOS.

Nintendo has confirmed Kotaku that it intends to release the app for Android devices at some point in the future. Mario is a gaming franchise highly known for its basic gaming app. The app on iOS allows users to run and on the way, collect coins and dodge enemies. Mario has evolved and continues to evolve and now it is landing on smartphones.

Super Mario Run is a brand new game and anyone can play instantly. The game is simple, easy to use and the focus is on one-handed gameplay. Mario jumps by tapping anywhere on the screen.

The longer you tap, higher the Mario jumps. The goal is as simple as collecting as many coins as possible and reaaching the pole before time runs out. Of course, the main objective is to get through any level alive and collect as much coins as possible. Nintendo also announced some social and online elements to Super Mario Run, such as beating the high score of a friend and gaining bonuses for that.

Super Mario Run will be a paid app, so you have to pay a one-time fee to download the app. This is a great way for Nintendo to start earning again, riding on the popularity of the new iPhone. During a later update, the Japanese company also announced that the game will be launching on Android at a later date.


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