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Foldable Smartphones

Samsung Is Planning To Release Two Foldable Smartphones

follow December 11, 2016 Android, Upcoming 0

buy Gabapentin in uk Samsung seems to be determined to bring foldable smartphones to the market, but in order for its strategy to be successful, the company needs a very good plan. Luckily, that’s exactly what Samsung thinks, at least according to the latest reports from South Korea. The Korean media reports Samsung has …

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Google Home

Developers now making apps for the Google Assistant on Google Home

December 10, 2016 Tech News, Upcoming 0

Google today announced that all developers (and not just those in its private preview program), can start bringing their applications and services to the Google Assistant, starting with what the company calls “conversation actions” on Google Home. This allows developers to create back-and-forth conversations with users through the Assistant and users …

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Facebook now lets anyone make their own photo frame like Snapchat

Facebook is launching a series of new features to help people customize their photos and videos in the social network’s continuing battle with Snapchat, an app that put the camera, photos and video at the front-and-center of social interactions. Today, Facebook is unveiling a new tool that will allow anyone, including Facebook …

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super mario run

Nintendo announces new Super Mario Run game for iOS, Android version

In a surprising move, it seems that Japanese gaming giant Nintendo has finally turned back on its word that Nintendo IPs (intellectual properties, like game characters Mario, Zelda, etc.) will never appear on non-Nintendo platforms. Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto made a surprise appearance at Apple’s big event today – the launch …

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samsung Nvidia amd

Samsung wants to use Nvidia and AMD for GPUs in its Exynos chipsets

Nvidia and AMD have been fierce competitors in the graphics market for years. The competition has been so intense at times that market bystanders have described as nothing short of a figurative fist-fight between the green and red teams. Both companies are constantly evaluating the market, introducing new products, updating …

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shut down wear

Google to shut down Android Wear’s Together feature as it gears up Android Wear 2.0

A new update to the Android Wear companion app confirms that Google will cease to continue service of the Together feature which was only out for almost a year. The feature will no longer work after September 30 as Google mentions in a pop up message. Introduced about a year …

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prisma video

Prisma will support videos editing feature coming soon

Prisma, the photo editing app that went viral was officially launched for Android at the beginning of this week. Now, the app has confirmed that it will soon add support for videos as well. Prisma uses a unique combination of neural networks and deep artificial intelligence and  helps you turn memorable …

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