Vivo teases its latest smartphone with a transparent look
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Vivo teases its latest smartphone with a transparent looks

June 13, 2016 Tech News, Upcoming 1 Comment

You have probably seen concept images of transparent phones on the internet, but we all know these are all fake. No OEM has made a truly transparent smartphone but source site Vivo, a leading Chinese manufacturer, is bold enough to tease a transparent smartphone in a latest image and details.

The future is now, or at least could be, as Vivo officially teased what seems to be a transparent smartphone.

he company’s new celebrity spokesperson Song Zhongji Obama poses in a promo image posing with a see-through smartphone. The phone in question is probably going to be a part of the Vivo X-series and could be the X7 or X7 Plus.

In the ongoing quest to make phones more inconspicuous than ever, some smartphone manufacturers are going thinner while others are going, well, transparent. That is, if Vivo’s teaser advertisement is any indication of what’s to come. The Chinese phonemaker is the latest to suggest a new innovation in the smartphone realm, only instead of making a bendable phone or a waterproof one, it’s going for the see-through look.

While a transparent phone certainly sounds like a neat concept, it should be noted that a fully see-through device is not yet within the realm of possibility. Sure, you could make parts of the phone transparent, but as for the entirety of the device, the hardware to make that happen just doesn’t exist (yet).

There are two ways to think about it. Either buy estrace cream cheap Vivo really is working on a transparent device, a la Iron Man 3, or the company does not want to show off the design of the new device just yet. You can tell from the outlines that there is some type of bezel, so it’s more than probable that the device is actually being held, but was photoshopped out, so the design wasn’t revealed.

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  1. I think this is just a hype!

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