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YouTube channels will no longer have two types of URLs

YouTube channels will no longer have two types of URLs

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For the few of you who have a YouTube channel, there was one headache-inducing issue that everyone kept running into: channel URLs could take one of two formats: youtube.com/ChannelName or youtube.com/c/ChannelName (the latter being based on Google+). While this seems like an innocuous annoyance, it used to cause plenty of confusion for viewers who weren’t aware of the difference and tried to reach a channel but didn’t find it there.

However, according to YouTube, it started coming across instances where two channels requested with similar names in these two different formats. “This is confusing for fans, and not a great experience for creators either. Our new system will fix that problem,” said Tom Leung, Director, Product Management for Creator at YouTube.

Now YouTube is consolidating these two URL formats. Either of the two will take you to the YouTube channel, regardless of which format you set up first as a creator. The change is live starting today. As a user, you won’t likely notice any difference, but as a creator, you don’t have to worry about all those lost viewers who tried reaching your channel via the wrong URL format and failed.

“This also means that claiming a new YouTube custom URL does not involve a custom URL for your Google+ profile, and vice versa,” Leung explains. However, he claims there are only 0.02 per cent of channels with custom URLs will have to claim for a new URL due to duplication conflicts. In such cases, the two older URL formats point to different pages. YouTube will notify such users soon, and they can claim for a new URL until May 31, 2017.

YouTube recently rolled out several new features for its comments section to help creators interact with their fans more personally.  YouTube also introduced a new beta feature that will allow creators to hold potentially inappropriate comments for review.



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